Trade bodies

Hall Stage Limited is a Corporate member of the following professional bodies, both in the UK and overseas.

PLASA [Professional Lighting and Sound Association] -
ABTT [Association of British Theatre Technicians] -

On-line news and technical support;

The Blue Room - Gossip, chat, jokes, technical support, but not necessarily in that order -

ETNow - Entertainment Technology, news, books, research and a whole lot more -

L&SI OnLine. Web based magazine and news headline service -
The Theatres Trust is a national body whose purpose is to promote the better protection of theatres - The Theatres Trust
StageLink - General contacts guide for all things backstage -

Other Links

Nobody Looks Up -

Anyone who has ever pulled a rope in the name of theatre will enjoy this revealing back story on how the humble counterweight system was devised and has developed over the last 150 years .... As Rick Boychuk rightly reminds us, unless we know where we've been and come from, we'll never know where we're going, or more importantly - why.


Hof -

Visual Act -
Alistage -
Sound Associates -
ABTT Silver Award