acouStac Acoustic Banners

Hall Stage are delighted to introduce the acouStac® banner range to the UK, Europe & the Middle East. The acouStac® system is certified by an independent laboratory in accordance with the “Sound Absorption Coefficient by Reverberation Room Method” (ASTM C423-07).

Power & Controls
• Fixed speeds up to 30.5/mpm
• Variable speeds of up to 54.8/mpm
• single phase inverter for max 1 HP applications
• Manual Drive/Hand Operation for banners up to 9.3m² with 3.65 m height limit.

Banner Size
• Custom banner width or height up to 18.3 m.
• Custom segment height
• Multiple banners per motor

Finish & Enclosures
• Powdercoat frame to black or colour selection
• Anodize stackers to black or colour selection
• Frame enclosure panels available grey, black or colour selection
• Alternate fabrics for non-acoustic applications

See the acouStac YouTube videos here.